Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Clive, Guy and Nigel, 3 dapper gents who love to sew!

Earlier today Val and Betsy met 3 gentlemen who asked if they can come along to the Dressmakers Social too.

Dressmakers Social is open to everyone who is interested in sewing and enjoys or wants to sew their own clothes, so the girls said yes. 

The only trouble was that they didn't know the boys names, so with the help of instagram they found out they are called...

Clive, Guy and Nigel. Hopefully they won't turn up in their dressing gowns for the social!

With the boys and girls newly acquainted they oversaw the making of the poster for the first Dressmakers Social on 18th May. 

After a couple of ours getting frustrated with the computer I decided to give up and resort to a bit of cutting and sticking to create the poster which was much more fun, for me anyway...

...but not poor Nigel and his skimpy yellow robe as he didn't make the cut!

Val had an accident during the gluing! Maybe the computer was a better option after all!

But the great thing with glue is that it sticks stuff back together so Val is restored fully and the poster is nearly done!

I'm off to finish sticking...

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