Thursday, 10 March 2016

#MIYMARCH16 - day 10

This March I have been running #MIYMARCH16 on Instagram with Wendy Ward of MIY Collection, MIY Workshop and author of The Beginners Guide to Dressmaking. 

And what a 10 days! The participation in #MIYMARCH16 has blown me away. I am loving seeing everyone's interpretations of the themes and I am feeling very inspired to get on with some sewing that I have been considering for a while, so Ginger Jeans here I come! 

This is what the last 10 days has looked like...

Each day has a different theme and we started off with Sew Me on day 1...
Here I am! Hello!

Wendy and I post the daily prompt in the morning but there are usually already photo's ready and waiting to be looked at. This is the result of people in different time zones taking part which is very cool. With the help of social media the world really is a very small place. 

Then we post our photo for the day... Here are mine...

Then we take it in turns to choose our favourite four that we announce the next day...

Friday's is prize day, first up was a voucher from Ditto Fabrics. Tomorrow's sponsor is Maggie from Textile Garden who sells the most amazing range of buttons. Looking forward to seeing how you hold it together tomorrow and checking your pics out on Instagram! 

P.s. You can join in at anytime! All you have to do is, have an Instagram account or create one, follow me, @dressmakerssocial and Wendy, @thatwendyward and use the hashtag #MIYMARCH16

P.p.s. Check out Wendy's blogpost about #MIYMARCH16

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