Thursday, 14 January 2016

Top twins

I had a new experience yesterday...

I discovered via Instagram that someone had made a sweatshirt out of the same fabric as me.
I have to admit I felt a bit miffed about it at first. One of the reasons I sew my own clothes is to have something unique. I know commercial patterns are there for people to make the same garments but people's individual fabric tastes make the garments different. Now there are two sweatshirts the same and I felt a bit surprised to see it.

Then I read her #imitationisthesincerestformofflatterry
And thought that it is pretty cool that something I made inspired somebody else to make one too.

So now we are top twins and that is ok with me.


  1. Hi. It's me! Phew I'm glad you took it in a good way. I was pondering what to make with the gorgeous and special fabric when ditto pointed out your gorgeous top. Then i could not get the contrasting black sleeves out of my head. However mine is self drafted from an amalgamation of colette sorbetto and named geneva witha few changes on the way. Plus I live 450 miles away. I love your top! !(and mine) Thanks again

  2. Hey, hadn't realised they were different patterns. I'll change that bit. Both tops are great!