Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Dressmakers Social - Sewing Menswear with Richard Clark-Monks

Confession time! I wasn't sure what to expect of Ricky's talk about sewing menswear patterns. I have only met him a handful of times since I started Dressmakers Social back in April and I have not attended a sewing class with him. But I had a little feeling that something good would come of our meeting. So, I asked him if he would like to do a talk on sewing menswear patterns, putting a lot of faith in... well he is a sewing teacher, he is a man that sews and he is lovely so what's the worst that could happen?!

Turns out gut instincts work and I was blown away by his well prepared and informative talk. I live tweeted during the evening as @dressmakersbton on twitter with snippets from his talk but they just didn't do the evening justice. Luckily for us Ricky has posted his notes on his blog here! But be prepared for your mind to start buzzing with ideas and inspiration.

A few things I took away were:

  • Don't judge a pattern by it's cover
  • Make adaptations to the patterns to achieve a good fit and then keep that as your block
  • Use that block to make detail adaptations to, different cuffs and collars etc...
This is what the evening looked like....

Making a point!
Lionel Bear in a supporting role
Checking out finishes on shop bought garments

Taking measurements
Sample garment which includes different pockets, belt loops and fly. A great way to test different techniques is putting them into a garment.
This jacket was a hoody pattern and adapted to a jacket. Lots of interesting details and a fabulous lining!
I'm inspired to find some time to try some more menswear patterns for my husband, once I clear some of my sewing to do list that is!

Next meet up is on Monday 19th October, 6.30-8.30pm at The Marwood Coffee Shop, Brighton. Details to follow! See you then! Emma 

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