Friday, 26 June 2015

Gill Thornley (Ditto Fabrics) Q & A Session at the Dressmakers Social Meetup on Monday 22nd June 2015

Couldn't make it along to the Dressmakers Social Meetup on Monday night, came along and forgot to take notes or didn't quite understand something Gill said? Don't worry we have a series of blog posts coming up over the next week or so that cover all of Gill's answers and more!

In the meantime here are a couple of pics from the night...

I love the quirkiness of The Marwood Coffee Shop, and the coffee, and the cake and their staff are pretty ace too!

Before the session started Gill took fabrics samples around the room to explain the difference between cotton poplin and cotton lawn, how to feel the fabric to judge the quality and to show what fabric looks like when it is cut off grain!

Little bit of socialising before the Q & A session began.

Thank you Laura for taking this picture of me and my bird folder introducing Gill :)

And Wendy Ward for this one of Gill demonstrating if the fabric as been cut on the straight grain 

Remember... if you can pull one single thread from the cut edge then the fabric has been cut in the grain, if you can pull a few threads, uh oh! you will need to straighten the grain and re-cut the fabric on the straight grain to produce a perfect garment!

Thank you to Zoe who sat in the front row for taking this fantastic shot! I can't remember what Gill is referring to though, can you Zoe? 

Paying attention and live tweeting on the night! 

 Right, I'm off to get the first Q&A blog post ready!

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